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Determination of Alkalinity P & M. Range 0 - 400 ppm
1. Fill the test jar to the 20 ml mark with cooled sample.
2. Add 4 drops of reagent PA1. The sample should turn pink. If it does not, terminate the test and report a result of zero.
3. Add drops of reagent PA2 one at a time with gentle mixing until the pink color disappears. Count the number of drops used.
4. Each drop is equivalent to 40 mg/l “P” Alkalinity, expressed as CaCO3.
5. Retain the sample after the alkalinity test as this may be used for the Chloride determination if required.
Total Alkalinity (as CaCO3)
For total alkalinity, replace reagent PA2 with TA4 in step 2.
Colour change in step3 is from Blue to Orange.


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